Mid Week Music Blog with Marie #1 A Little Jazz

Hey, Welcome to my first ever Blog! Let’s remind ourselves how important music is to our ears and our soul, for our bodies to dance and feel good. Music touches us everyday. Let’s talk music that soothes us. I personally love to relax to some soulful jazz while cooking. Saturday morning jazz with some Bossa gets me and my wee boy moving positively as our weekend unfolds. Music uplifts us and shifts a grumpy day into a! If I’m feeling like I need something more substantial or inspirational I will flick on some “NPR Music Tiny Concert’s” where Artist from all over the world roll with their best. It’s always raw and real with a whole lot of Sass. Make music your new ”go to” if you need a positive shift and need it fast. Try some Jazz, it’s like an instant calm happy pill for yourself, Kids and Pets love it too! Get Jazzy..oh also try the rainy day jazz, there is something soothing about Rain and Jazz. Marie