Vocal Coach

“The time is now! Breath and sing”

Unleash your full vocal potential and follow your desire to sing your heart out. We as a team work authentically together and as I guide you professionally as your vocal coach I will navigate and tailor your vocal needs intuitively and skilfully.

Marie Island
Vocal Coach

Untamed by genre and ruled by soulful passionate singing. Originally a rhythm, world beats and percussion instructor of 18 years I intertwined my passion for vocals with the previous 8 of those years and realise I have chosen 2 of the most powerful and arguably the most import and prominent instruments you can learn. The voice and drum both as ancient as each other, “You are the Rhythm and you are your Singing voice” our innate musical foundations. Allow me to guide you to re connect with your personal musical journey, to heal, self-discovery, self-expression, vocal enhancement or maybe your needing performance quality vocals! The power of transformation excites and humbles me as a teacher. It would be my privilege to be your personal vocal coach.

Methods Used

I use a number of tried, tested and accomplished vocal pedagogy which works the foundations and the process of singing. This includes the Latin vowel theory and articulation voicing the consonants, diaphragmic breathing exercises, resonance for ultimate vocal projection and timbre. I nurture your vocal chords to naturally ocellate with vibrato. I use arpeggios exercises to strengthen your vocal range, broaden your note recognition and have fun discovering the vocal dynamics to enhance the mix of chest and head voice. Vocal health and vocal system anatomy.

I believe we are unique and therefore I tailor your personal vocal needs intuitively and skilfully to match your personal goals. The voice is an instrument therefore standard universal techniques benefit us all as do practise and commitment!

Recording Demos

You now have the opportunity for real growth and development. I offer progress recording in my home studio. This is a great way to reflect and acknowledge particular work that needs attention. Purely for our private ears or maybe share your proud recordings with others!  

Performance Coaching? Mentor?

Singing is more than technique it’s moving emotion! Connection, Conviction! And for many its passion and the ultimate freedom! Release fears and embrace new confidence. Is it your dream to performance as an artist? Or is performing already your responsibility? An audition coming up? Who is your audience and where is your stage? Allow me to also be your mentor and performance coach.

Pricing Options

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